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"Zack came out to work on my renovation and install a sump pump, shower drain, and toilet drain. He was very efficient and precise. Definitely teaching me a thing or two he even fixed some work I had previously done saving me potential problems in the future. Knowledgeable, friendly, and a very fair price. He's definitely my go to plumber!"

David W.

"Zack was very friendly and professional to work with, and I will happily be recommending him to friends and family! He helped me locate a drain line beneath the concrete in my basement, and he was able to do so quickly and accurately using state of the art equipment. He was generous with his time and was happy to answer my questions. His pricing was more than fair!"

Steve F.

"I'm glad I found Zack on NextDoor. He was able to complete my project (install plumbing and connect a utility sink) quickly and I'm very pleased with the results. He then followed me to my mother's house and corrected a problem with her kitchen sink. So glad to get these off of my to-do list! Zack is a professional you won't regret calling."

Christina Buckner




Do you guys charge for estimates?

Not at all – estimates are entirely free-of-charge. The only exception to this is if we’re called out after hours, on weekends or during the holidays – in those cases we charge a dispatch fee to cover our time, and we do the same for long distance call-outs (anything beyond 20km of the Bumble Bee Plumbing office).

Why does plumbing seem to cost more than other trades?

Great question! In terms of equipment, tools and materials, it costs a lot to operate a plumbing company, as well as stay up-to-date with local and national changes. As one of the most technically skilled trades in America, plumbing has the highest education requirements across the industries – and whilst this means the workforce charges a higher wage than other trades, it also means extremely high-quality, expert service for you. 

Is my main sewer clogged?

We get asked this question a lot! Receiving a false diagnosis of a sewer clog is unfortunately very common, and can waste your time and money. Luckily, it’s an easy thing for you to check yourself. The best way to find out if you’ve got a blockage is to flush a toilet anywhere in your house and keep an eye out for water coming up through any floor drain. If it does, it’s blocked. If you run water anywhere in your house and your toilet starts to gurgle, that’s another tell-tale sign your main sewer is backed up.

Are tankless water heaters reliable and worth the money?

Yes and yes. When tankless water heaters first hit the consumer market they got a bad rap – they were finicky, temperamental and made from less-than-ideal materials. Fast forward through a decade’s worth of innovation, improvement and material upgrades, and the heaters are now highly efficient and extremely reliable compared to both older tankless models and their non-tankless counterparts. Additionally, tankless water heaters perform at almost double the efficiency of conventional water heaters – and that means an average possible saving of $30-$40 per month in gas, or almost $500 per year.

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